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Welcome to Studio23 Art, where you’ll find unique bags, purses, pillows and accessories created with 100% upcycled fabric. That means I never buy brand new fabric – instead I salvage and recycle material from clothing, curtains, upholstery samples and whatever I can get my hands on. Each item is inspired by the scrap at hand and sometimes I don’t know exactly what I’m making till it’s done. Since my supply of any single fabric is limited, that means your bag, purse, pillow etc. is one of a kind!

I salvage, I cut, I create!

Garage sales are one of my favorite sources for fabric… for instance, that's where I found this lovely lime green leather jacket. Some might wear it but all I see is awesome fabric! See the before and after photo.

Thanks for visiting!

I know, I know... cool jacket, right? But realistically, I couldn't pull off this look, so I'd rather repurpose into something I could actually use!

Here are some of my favorite before-and-afters. Click to view slideshow.

From blazer to purse
From skirt to purse
From denim skirt to clutch and pouf
From puffer vest to purse
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