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What does it mean to 'upcycle'?

I've read several definitions and pulled together a meaning that applies to my work: To recycle something in such a way that increases the original object's value; taking something old and creating something new. In other words, I'm taking fabric that would otherwise be unused or discarded and creating a new item.

Do you use anything 'new'?

I only buy fabric from second-hand sources, but it can still be new and never used. An example of that would be an out of season upholstery sample book that was donated to a thrift store. The only things I buy from regular old retail stores are supplies such as thread, zippers, closures, stuffing, etc.

Can I wash my purse/bag/pillow/etc?

Most of the fabric I use is washable. The exceptions would be anything with leather/faux leather, fur/faux fur, and very heavy upholstery fabrics. Spot clean first if available; machine wash on gentle cycle and tumble dry low, checking frequently. Remove any attachments like tassels or zipper pulls if applicable. If you have questions regarding your particular item, please don't hesitate to ask. Send email to

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